5-frame Nucleus Colonies
Comes with an open-mated MD queen reared from our best mother colonies. 

No frame exchanges, 
no equipment drop off.

Price: $150.00

Availability: May 1st (weather permitting)

Buying Bees

Basic Beekeeping with Nucs (Nucleus Colonies):

There are several options for replacing or adding colonies into your apiary whether you have one or one-thousand hives. Packaged bees have always been a popular method for replacement or expansion. However, they sometimes pose supercedure issues due to the fact that you are combining a young mated queen with unrelated loose bees in an empty hive with pheromones (odors) unfamiliar to all. Often with new beekeepers, the bees are put into new equipment with undrawn combs. It is easier for bees to adapt to introduction onto comb that is already drawn and ready for the queen to lay eggs.

A five frame bee nucleus (NUC) consists of:

a "laying" queen that has already been accepted by the hive
3 inner frames containing brood in all stages
2 outer frames containing honey, pollen, and adhering bees.

Please contact us if interested in Buying bees, we will be able to help with any questions.

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