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Unsure how to hive your package or nucleus colony of bees?
Want someone to walk you through your initial hive visit?
Learning the step by step process of inspecting your colony.
Learn to “read the frames” for optimal colony management.
Questions on integrated pest management or nutritional needs?
Want help identifying and understanding why your bees died?
Free lab testing from the USDA lab in Beltsville, Maryland.

Hello, my name is Louis Capezuto. I am a former Maryland State Apiary Inspector. My duties with the State of Maryland included inspecting honey bee colonies for diseases, pests and pesticide losses. Recommending appropriate measures for honey bee colony management and the control of bee diseases. I have owned and operated a honey bee apiary for approximately 15 years. I raise local queens. I also provide nucleus colonies to beginner and commercial beekeepers, and those who want to replenish losses. I produce a variety of honey from my apiaries which is sold throughout the Tri-state area. I am an active member of several local beekeeper associations, where I assist with educating beekeepers, promoting natural beekeeping and methods, encouraging beekeeping as a hobby and promoting a positive public image of beekeeping.
Beekeeping consultation services available at the rate of $30 an hour, performed on site, at your own apiary. Call 301-491-2986 to arrange an appointment.

Consultation Services - Beekeeper for Hire