If you have ever thought about beekeeping and wondered exactly what is involved, then this is your opportunity to find out. Join Honey Hole Apiary on site for a one day course. We will introduce you to all aspects of beekeeping including:
• How a hive works
• How bees organize 
• Their breeding cycle
• Navigational skills
• Hive products
• Equipment needed to start up  
• The cost of setting up/buying bees and beehives
• Beekeeping management
• Pollination by bees
• Maintaining honeybee health
• Honeybee plant resources
• Law and State requirements in relation to bees and beekeeping

By the end of the day you should have a better understanding of what is involved in beekeeping and how to keep healthy, productive bees. We offer workshops twice a year, depending on interest. Dates to be announced.

Free Field Trip and Workshop Events 

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